Help & FAQ


Who can register? (Authorization)

  • As Aviation Mart is a website to buy and sell aviation parts and repairs, registration is only for personnel within your company that are authorized to buy and sell parts and repairs. There will only be one login per company so we recommend that if there will be a few users, use a generic e-mail address such as Please use a company e-mail address as you will not be approved if Yahoo, Gmail or internet e-mail addresses are used. 

How to register

  • Please follow these steps:
    • Go to the Registration link on the top right of the site (if you have already logged in you will need to log out)
    • Enter the mandatory fields including an e-mail address that you can check immediately
    • Read and accept our Terms and Conditions
    • Hit Sign Me Up button
    • Check your email
    • If you lost your registration email or if it never arrived, we can resend the e-mail
    • You can now view listings on Aviation Mart
    • We will however have to verify your account before any listing you place are made live, and before any bids you place are confirmed


I can't register

  • Please check the following:
    • Make sure you use the latest version of Internet Explorer or  alternatively use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or another internet browser
    • Have you filled in all the mandatory fields?
    • Please note that only one registration per company is allowed
    • Try adding your department to the company name when you register


I have registered however can’t buy or sell

  • Your account hasn’t been activated by the Aviation Mart team yet. Your account needs to be verified and approved before any listings you place are made live, and before any bids you place are confirmed

I can't log in

  • Double check the e-mail address and password you have entered 
  • Check that the Caps lock key is turned off
  • Sometimes your autocomplete settings will enter additional information for your e-mail address or password

I forgot my password

  • If you forget your password, Aviation Mart can re-send it to your registered e-mail address. Please click on the Forgotten Password? tab on the Login page and enter your e-mail address to have a new password send to you
  • If you are having trouble resetting your password, please contact us  

How can I update my details?

  • Go to the My Account page where you can change your details, including addresses, telephone numbers and the e-mail address you use to login with


  • These are the locations of your listings. E.g. if you have a location in Florida, USA and also in Derby, UK, then add both locations here so that when you create a listing you can select the location easily

Buyer settings

  • Here you can update your account shipping details for DHL, UPS and Fedex

Vendor settings

  • Here you can update:
    • Text to appear on your Vendor Store page
    • PayPal details
    • Insert default payment information
    • Your Terms and Conditions


  • Upload and view your main image or logo for your Vendor Store
Account Management

How do I manage my account details?

  • You can update the following account details via the Settings tab on the My Account page:
    • My details
    • Locations (addresses)
    • Email alerts
    • Buyer settings
    • Vendor settings
    • Image/logo

How do I close my account?


How much does it cost per listing?

  • There is no fee to list spare parts or MRO capabilities and you do not pay a commission if sold

How many parts & MRO capabilities can I list?

  • There is no minimum or maximum number

How many parts can I upload on the template?

  • Aviation Mart has a limit of 150,000 parts per upload

My listings do not appear on Aviation Mart

  • Have you received an approval confirmation email from the Aviation Mart team?  
  • Have you used our latest spreadsheet template?
  • Please ensure your listing spreadsheet meets the requirements as set in our template
  • Please contact us for assistance if you continue to have difficulties

Do I need to add a picture of the listing?

  • Pictures are optional, however we recommend using them to increase saleability

I can’t upload my listings

  • Please make sure you have uploaded your Standard Terms and Conditions before you can proceed with the uploading of your listings
  • Your Terms and Conditions can be uploaded via the Vendor Settings page on your My Account page 

How much do I get charged to sell a part?

  • There are no charges from AviationMart when you sell
  • If you use paypal or credit card charges will be from the provider

How much do I get charged to sell a repair?

  • There is no commission fee 

Are there additional charges?

  • Paypal
    • When using the PayPal facility charges will apply. Please check the PayPal website to see current PayPal User Agreement 
  • Bank Transfers
    • Check with your bank for fees when doing bank transfers

Buy Now (set price)

  • Items can be purchsed at the set price
  • There is no bidding like an auction, however offers can still be made to the seller via the Aviation Mart messaging system

How do I bid?

  • Items you're bidding on where you have the winning bid have their prices shown in green. Items you're bidding on that you're not winning are shown in red
  • To bid, press the Bid button and enter your bid price in the pop up box 
  • Only bid on items you intend to buy. Any bid or offer is considered an agreement to buy the part from the seller

How do I set up Auction Now?

  • When you put a part or repair up for auction you need to set a reserve price which is the lowest price you are willing to accept for your part 

Auction with Buy Now

  • Buyers can purchase your item immediately or place a bid

Can I retract a bid?

  • Contact the seller via the Aviation Mart messaging system if you have made an error with your bid price and check if you can retract your bid

What payment methods are available?

  • Online by PayPal / Credit Card / Debit Card
  • Payment on account
  • Wire / Bank transfer

How do I pay for a part I have ordered?

  • On Aviation Mart you can pay for parts using PayPal, credit card, payment on account or wire/bank transfer. Before you bid or buy, check the listing to see which payment methods the seller accepts

What is the limit for a PayPal transaction?

  • US$10,000 in a single transaction

What is limit for a Credit Card transaction?

  • The limit is US$10,000 per single transaction. However, still check with your Credit Card company for your maximum amount

What shipping options are available?

  • Shipping arranged for buyer at prices shown on listing
  • Contact buyer to arrange shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Use buyer's shipping account (DHL, Fedex or UPS)

What if I want to use a different forwarder?

  • Please contact the seller via the Aviation Mart messaging system and inform them of your preferred forwarder together with shipping instructions

I haven't received my ordered part

  • Have you received an invoice from the seller?
  • Please contact the seller via the Aviation Mart messaging system if you haven’t received your ordered part
  • If you do not receive a response, please contact the Aviation Mart team 
General Questions

Why should I use Aviation Mart?

  • Potential buyers can view your parts without the need to sign in or register
  • Your parts will be ‘seen’ on the internet via Search Entry Optimization
  • Free to list your part only pay when an item is sold
  • No need to respond to RFQ
  • Aviation Mart brings pricing transparency to the on-line spare parts trading market

What are your Terms and Conditions?

  • View Aviation Mart's Terms and Conditions here 

Can I return a part?

  • Please contact the seller via the Aviation Mart messaging system if you would like to return a part 

Can I cancel a purchase?

  • Please contact the seller via the Aviation Mart messaging system to check if you can cancel your purchase

How do you avoid bad sellers or buyers?

Every buyer and/or seller who registers is reviewed by the Aviation Mart sales team on several criteria before they are authorized to sell or buy parts. Only legitimate companies can register on Aviation Mart.

I can't find my question here

Rules of Engagement

  • Provide clear requirements: On purchase of a part, the Buyer must provide all of their requirements like forwarder details, address to ship to etc. on their PO so that the Seller can get started


  • Be responsive: The Seller must provide regular progress updates and respond within one (1) working day to all messages from the Buyer, in the My Account page.  Equally the Buyer must respond quickly to questions from the Seller so that the purchased part can be shipped on time


  • Deliver on time: Sellers must deliver parts within the delivery times as defined in Buyers PO, or as agreed with the Buyer


  • Avoid cancellation and refunds: Sellers must fulfill the PO and Buyers agree to pay for the purchased parts. Sellers must provide, and be given the opportunity by the Buyer to provide, within a reasonable time, a solution for an issue with the purchased part if the Buyer is initially not satisfied


  • Payment for purchased parts: Once the part is ready for shipment the Seller will send an invoice via the Aviation Mart messaging system. Buyers must pay within the 30 days’ payment terms or otherwise agreed between Seller and Buyer